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Top 3 Digital Marketing Trends

Updated: Apr 4

Digital marketing holds immense power to boost your brand, especially during these times of crisis. Click to learn the top 3 digital marketing trends for 2021 to approach customers in a better way.

Digital marketing trends

digital marketing trends 2021
top 3 digital marketing trends

Digital marketing trends for 2021, top 3 digital marketing trends

As of now, the digital marketing trends for 2021 appear to focus upon two separate yet nearly conflicting themes.

The first is applying a human-centered approach, which addresses genuine concerns and tailors material to the human rather than the entire market's appeal so the brand can develop a more personal relationship with the client. The second is more of a technical and mechanically tuned design, including all the back-end processes such as SEO and campaign structure—the fine internal details your delighted consumers do not notice.

1. Diversity and Inclusion

Reiterating one of the two focused concepts of 2021—the human-centered approach—this trend is all about the significance of developing a platform, products, and services for everyone. People want to witness brand optimism and heterogeneity in their content. As seen in the headlines, shifts in social media and constantly evolving influencers are big signs that brands cannot flourish through trends followed decades ago.

Today, the customers expect the brands to add the “what” of Diversity and “how” of Inclusion in their strategies, communication platforms, and products. They want digital marketing topics that address a wide range of ethnicities, faiths, sexualities, identities, and people with learning or physical disabilities. This involves the pictures, films you create, the subjects you highlight and communicate on your social media posts, through your products and services.

You should have engaging content as it encourages personalization – so the audience can share their perspectives and feel more connected to the brand. This will also help you to collect data and know more about your audience preferences to enhance your products and websites.

2. Featured Snippets

Let’s come to the technical approach of reaching out to more people and above the competitors. SEO has been the main focus of all the business for a very long time as it boosts their content to reach the top of Google’s search engine. How about reaching the throne of the page – featured snippets. These are basically the box you see at the top of the page displaying the most relevant information and simply answering your question.

The featured snippet commonly displays definitions, lists, steps, and tables. Another point to remember is that featured snippets are primarily for long-tail keywords, such as “what are the top 3 digital marketing trends?” So, you will have to match your content’s format to one of these forms to reach the featured snippet.

3. Ad-Blockers

Sometimes it's the small stuff that makes the big difference. Ad blockers seem like a small obstacle but they’re a really big one for the industry and have a huge effect on your website's customer interaction. If your marketing strategy includes advertising, it is likely time to switch. Since most users, especially younger ones, have started using ad blockers, your primary source of audience traffic is cut off and if you state that you require them to turn off their ad-blockers, they will simply leave your site.

If ad blockers block your business's advertising, your best plan is to adapt rather than wasting time attempting to persuade potential consumers to modify their own choices. The impact may be insignificant depending on your target demographic or where you place advertising.

Adjust your marketing budgets to accommodate alternative, more lucrative efforts, such as celebrity endorsements or sponsorships. Younger consumers do not engage well with advertising in general, but they are more likely to engage very well with influencer marketing, so switching is a good idea in any case.

Final Thoughts

These are the top 3 digital marketing trends of 2021 that will surely catalyze your brand’s success. However, it is important to remember that one size does not fit all – your brand and its audience are unique, so you will have to tailor your strategies accordingly. You can always visit AskFidow to get an update on the trends and much more, and then go back to implanting personalized trends to your brand!

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