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PPC (pay-per-click) advertising is hands-down one of the fastest ways to drive qualified leads and target customers to your products - services. However, PPC advertising is not a magic bullet. It requires experience and advanced knowledge to generate impressive results, which is why small businesses in the UK hire PPC experts like us.

Our experienced ppc marketing consultant can help you make strategic decisions based on real data, set up and launch your campaign, and manage your PPC ads to improve results while lowering the costs of the ads.

Get Your Site Flooded With More Targeted Customers

Ranking highly on the Search Engine takes an average of 90-180 days, depending on many factors like Domain Age, Backlinks, etc. But with PPC ads, you can get any pages on your website among the top search results — including product sales pages that are not optimised for SEO — as soon as you click “Run” on your campaign dashboard.

This is a great opportunity for small business owners who want to get found by customers quickly. Plus, this is also your chance to outrank your competitors on the search engine game.

AskFidow Pay-Per-Click Ads Management Service

Instantly Reach More Customers,Generate More Leads & Sales With Ease

Our team of marketing consultant can help you with everything from creating the Ad copy to building the landing page, from setting up your campaign to ongoing marketing campaign analysis.

We’re experts at this. In fact, we’ve been doing this for many years. Just tell us about your business goals — type of leads, sales, or brand awareness you want — and we’ll do our best to make sure we can achieve your goals.

Increase Profits, Reduce Marketing Costs

That’s the beauty of running PPC ads. Unlike traditional advertising, you’re getting charged ONLY when someone clicks on your ads. So, you’re only paying more when you’re generating more targeted traffic to your website.

Sounds interesting, right?

When you work with us, you’re assured that you’ll make profits for the money you invested on the clicks. That’s because our PPC experts will not only help you get on the top of search results and generate a flood of traffic, we’re also going to help you make sure that every click you spend will make you money.


Here's How This Service Works ...

  1. Define your goals: Let us know the goals you want to achieve with PPC advertising, and we’ll steer your campaign to make sure you can achieve maximum results.

  2. Set-up Your Ads: We’ll help you discover competitive keywords, determine the target audiences for the ads, as well as deal with all the tech stuff.

  3. Bid Management: We’ll help you optimise and diversify your ad spend across display networks, retargeting campaigns, and syndication platforms to make sure you’re getting the best results from your investment.

  4. Analyse Performance: Once the campaign is up and running, we’ll do ongoing campaign analysis that will help you gain valuable insights from your campaign.

  5. Tweaking For Best Results: Based on the data we collected, we’ll help you improve your campaign to make sure you can successfully hit the goals you want to achieve.

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